Crash the Gun Ban Party

The ’24 Campaign has Just Started!
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You have one job this year: Throw out the party of gun prohibition — you know which party we’re talking about — before they manage to erase the right to keep and bear arms. They want to replace it with a proposal from California Gov. Gavin-I-Want-To-Be-President-Newsom, which is pure gun control.

Finish Them Off

There are many ways to defend the Second Amendment from this bunch, but the most effective is to vote against any member of the gun ban party at all levels — county or city council, state legislature and especially both houses of Congress — and be rid of them. The time has come to put gun prohibitionists out of our misery.

Keep this in perspective: If anti-gun politicians are not in office, they cannot make their policies into law.

This should need no explanation, especially after New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s debacle last summer when she grossly overstepped her constitutional authority in an attempt to prohibit lawful firearm carry in Albuquerque and surrounding Bernalillo County. She exploited three tragic fatal shootings of three young people as an excuse to declare a “public health emergency” for which she wanted to suspend the Second Amendment.

Fortunately, gun rights groups quickly took Grisham to court and a federal judge stopped her cold.

Newsom’s proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution would — contrary to his claims otherwise — essentially nullify the Second Amendment. He knows this and he hopes you are all as stupid as the Californians who voted for him. The ultimate goal is to peddle this plan to all the other states.

Nearly three years ago, Joe Biden admitted during a televised town hall forum broadcast by CNN he not only wants to ban so-called “assault weapons,” but also 9mm pistols. This guy is relentless, and despite all of his gaffes, this is one thing he has never gotten confused about.

Understand this — these three people represent the policies of their party. The only reason their colleagues have publicly pooh-pooed these notions is because they don’t want the general public to realize this is really their agenda. Gun bans, suspension of a constitutionally protected right and a constitutional amendment turning the right to keep and bear arms into a strictly regulated government privilege are on their wish list. Assume otherwise at your own peril.

The late Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who never saw a gun control measure she didn’t love, allegedly provided the proper postscript to the nonsense of her party. The website “Wealthy Gorilla” quoted Feinstein stating, “Once you sacrifice your rights, it’s hard to get those rights protected again.”


Solutions Don’t Fit

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation and chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, had this observation about the gun prohibition movement, and politicians including Grisham, Newsom and Biden — “None of their solutions fit the problem.”

Underscoring this opinion, during last September’s Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix, John Lott — founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and author of the ground-breaking book More Guns, Less Crime — discussed the New Mexico fiasco. Gov. Grisham, a far-left Democrat, got it wrong from the get-go and even the county sheriff and Albuquerque police chief backed away fast from the governor’s edict.

One big problem was Grisham took an action that would only affect law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits. Lott told the conference audience none of the shooters involved in the murders of those children were licensed to carry.

“Every place in the world that has tried to either ban all guns or all handguns,” Lott said, “every single time, murder rates have gone up…. We tried banning handguns in Chicago and Washington, DC, and what happened to murders? They went up.”

Gun grabbers despise Lott and they are constantly trying to discredit his research. But I have done similar research focusing on one state — Washington — and its largest city — Seattle — and arrived at the same conclusion, using data from the FBI and Seattle Police Department. Since the state started adopting restrictive gun laws, ostensibly to reduce the number of gun-related homicides and assaults, murders have gone up, and more shots have been fired in the city. Washington state anti-gunners don’t like the data but it’s not my data.


Follow The Primaries

So, you’d rather avoid or ignore politics and spend time at the loading bench or gun range, right? If we don’t stop the party of gun prohibition this year by throwing them out, — as voters did back in November 1994 — what you do at your loading bench could be criminalized and your gun range just might be zoned out of existence. Stop imagining these people will leave you and your guns alone because they won’t.

About 25 years ago, I was a guest at a radio debate with the spokesman for a Seattle gun control group. Afterward, we were in the lobby of the radio station, just chatting about our differences. I told him simply, “Gun owners just want to be left alone.”
His response: “Well, we’re not going to do that.” Such candor should be rewarded at the ballot box.

People like him vote, and they do it in lockstep. They are convinced by past experience gun owners do not always vote, nor do they vote in lockstep, which is why anti-gunners get elected and re-elected. And this brings us back around to the 2024 campaign and the one job you’ve been assigned.

The primary season is already under way. Pay attention to these events, listen to what candidates say and do not be lulled into believing members of the gun prohibition party will ever see things your way. They will not, period. Behind the friendly smile, pat on the shoulder, a nod of the head and the handshake, is a political dagger waiting to be thrust into your back.



At this writing, the New Hampshire Democratic primary was tentatively scheduled for Feb. 6, but there was some dispute over this. South Carolina was looking at Feb. 3.

“Super Tuesday,” which will see multiple primaries, was tentatively scheduled for March 5. Among the states with primary elections that day are Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, California, Colorado, Arkansas and Alabama. The following week, primaries are slated in Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire and Washington. The New Hampshire secretary of state, however, is authorized to pick a date seven days earlier than any other state’s presidential primary.

Two weeks later, on March 19, watch for primary elections or caucuses in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Kansas and Illinois.
There’s an April 2 primary in Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin, followed by April 23 primaries in Rhode Island and Delaware. A few others come in later, but the next couple of months will see most of the fireworks with public statements that should tell us all exactly where each candidate stands on the Second Amendment.

You have one job this year. Get it done.

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