Support Your Gun Rights Groups

Now is the time to be contributing because early money is the best money in political campaigns and efforts to fight back against gun grabbers continue 24/7. The other side never lets up and never slows down. Gun owners need to be equally energetic and aggressive.

Pick your favorite group and send them $20 a month, which is less than one might spend on a box of ammunition. Forego a cup of designer coffee and set the money aside for your contribution. You may not think a double sawbuck will make much difference but if 10,000 people just like you do the same thing, it stacks up to a lot of money.

Seeds grow into plants and come late summer, they provide crops. Politics is much the same. If you nurture something, it will grow and bear fruit.

The other side has taken the high ground. It’s time to start the process of taking it back.

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