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T/C’s New .50 Caliber In-Line Muzzleloader Is As Accurate As Many Centerfire Rifles. By Holt Bodinson From the cultish “7’s”

The Patriot Revolution


Mossberg’s Affordable Bolt Action Offers A Wide Variety Of Chamberings Such Ss The .25-06 Winchester. By Holt Bodinson Have you

IWI Jericho 941


This .40 S&W Duty Gun Could Bring Down The Walls. By Mark Kakkuri Firearms manufacturers who feel safe inside their

No Rim? No Problem!


The Charter Arms Pitbull .45 ACP Solves The “Pistol Ammo In A Revolver” Problem Handily. Charter Arms is now in

Full Auto BB Fun


The Umarex Legends M712. The September 2014 issue carried my review of the Umarex Legends C96, a stunningly realistic BB-firing