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Taurus G3C

[…] a resounding success. It’s a 15- or 17-round gun about the size of a GLOCK 19 but costing half the price.

Beer Or Champagne?

[…] it for the Pro Shop treatment. By contrast, the Gen3 GLOCK 19 carries a retail of $599. Even with $165 […]

Beretta APX 9mm

The trigger of the APX is definitely GLOCK-ish, right down to the safety lever. The major difference from the shooter’s […]

How Cool Is My (Old) Tool?

[…] Police department changed guns and what started as my run-of-the-mill GLOCK 22 received the full makeover treatment courtesy of TMT […]

GUNS Magazine Photo Gallery 2012

[…] Firearms 6.8mm August 2012: Beretta Nano Slim 9 September 2012: Glock G21 .45 ACP October 2012: Nighthawk 10mm November 2012: […]


[…] 1-handed, I missed the snake with three rounds from a Glock 31 and clipped the body with two before the […]

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