I was born at night — but not last night. After hunting turkeys for almost 50 years, I probably harbor some preconceived ideas, and hunting big toms with a .410 is not in the cards. Small game on the other hand, well, the .410 is a great option. I’ve heard shooters claim the .410 bore is the ideal shotgun for younger hunters chasing squirrels and rabbits. The other school of thought is the .410 is for the well experienced, highly proficient shotgunner. Regardless, I wanted to give this gun a run for the money, and see for myself.

The Stevens 301 Turkey is a break-action, single-shot with an overall length of 41.5" and is also available in 20 gauge. It weighs a tad over 5 lbs. and is easy to pack around all day. The synthetic stock and forend are covered with Mossy Oak Obsession camo, hence the name. Swivel studs come standard on the stock and forend. The 26" barrel wears an extra full choke and is designed for Federal Premium heavyweight TSS turkey loads, though it will accommodate other 3" loads.