Things Change

Well, today my shotgun needs are primarily focused on turkey hunting. Fortunately I grew up and still reside in a rural area with a stable population of wild turkeys. We enjoy a three-week spring season allowing us to harvest two gobblers and in the fall we have a month long season allowing two birds of either sex.

I love hunting turkey and since I was a kid, turkey hunting has been ingrained into a way of life. The vast majority of my hunting has involved a pump-action 12 gauge and I have taken a considerable number of birds through the years.

Now I’m a card-carrying member of retirement organizations, my attitude and perceptions about turkey hunting and shotguns have changed. When I first laid eyes on a Savage Model 212 and 220, I wondered what on earth they were thinking?

However, I was assigned to review this shotgun and, to be honest, I wanted to take a closer look at this bolt-action scattergun and see for myself if this really was a good option for turkey hunters — or was it just snake oil?