One of the distinguishing features of the X-Caliber is its ability to fire 12 different calibers, thanks to the eight steel caliber adapters it arrives with. In effect, the 12-gauge barrel can be adapted to use .380, 9mm, .357Mag/.38spl, .40 S&W, .44 Mag/.44 spl, .45 ACP and .410/.45 Colt. This flexibility allows a user to take advantage of whatever is on hand or scrounged during a survival situation.

The shotgun has always been labeled a utilitarian weapon adaptable for multiple tasks. In fact, if someone asks for advice on a general purpose long arm, many offer up, the ubiquitous 12-gauge as the best option. This is based on simplicity, flexibility, reliability and lethality.

“General purpose” is a good way to describe survival-type situations we are likely to encounter — where our next meal or protection from four-legged predators are the main focus — not defending from marauding bands of two-legged opportunists. The .22LR is often at the top of the list for consideration in a survival kit. Hundreds of rounds can be carried in a compact container and the .22LR is more than capable of harvesting game as large as deer under controlled circumstances at close range.

When the topic of survival gear is discussed, there are always pluses and minuses for any piece of kit. Weight is often the first criteria to come up for gear we have to carry on our person. The mantra of “ounces become pounds and pounds become pain” is more than a cliché. If your kit is too heavy to hump over long distances, you will start to ditch things to lighten the load.