The Heart Of The Matter

We’ve messed around with the 590 Shockwave before and find it highly useful for certain specific situations and missions. This is not an all-purpose, general defense shotgun, oops, sorry, I meant “firearm,” but in certain circumstances it is your best choice. Unlike some other pint-sized shotguns, it’s also pure unadulterated fun to shoot now that shorty shotshells are on the menu.

The original Shockwave, and all 500-series Mossberg shotguns on which it’s based, could not handle “mini” shotgun shells exemplified by the Federal Shorty shotshell line. These are 12-gauge shells downsized to only 1-3/4" in length rather than the standard 2-3/4 or 3" of “normal” shells. Most pump shotguns won’t accept them as a matter of course unless you install certain aftermarket parts or otherwise modify the gun. Mossberg saw this and smartly incorporated the popular modification so your new 590S will gobble up nearly any 3" and under 12-gauge shell you can stick into its maw.