Centering It

A powerful centerfire rifle is of fairly limited use to a city apartment dweller but out here in the boondocks, I want one. Any good big game rifle would do. I have come to like the “scout” concept, or at least some elements. I can take or leave the forward-mounted scope, nor do I care about arbitrary weight and size limits. I do like an effective and widely distributed cartridge, the reliability of a bolt action, ample magazine capacity, rapid reloading, and the durability of stainless steel.

Currently I have three such rifles, all in .308 Win. — a Steyr Scout (the original Jeff Cooper package), a Ruger Scout and a Tikka Arctic Ranger. Oddly enough my favorite, the Ruger, is also the least expensive. I keep it cased with five magazines and various lighting and sighting options.

Defense against looters and such hasn’t been a big worry — so far, at least. Neighbors tend to look out for one another so extra ammo on hand is not for shooting at neighbors but for swapping for a few steaks or a side of pork. As for strangers, for 115 years no one has ever come to the farm needing help who didn’t get it. This will never change, or my ancestors would haunt me. On the other hand, should people come wanting to do my family harm or take things by force, well, we have an answer for that too.