Although similar in appearance to the Bulldog, the Airbow is a whole new animal. As the name implies, it has no barrel because it’s designed to shoot arrows. Instead of a bore, the Airbow features a thin tube over which specially designed arrows fit. This design results in the arrows being “pulled” by pressurized air rather than pushed from the rear. This virtually eliminates flex and provides better accuracy.

Like the Bulldog, the cocking lever is located on the stock although the Airbow’s handle is on the top and doubles as the comb. For those of you climbing trees, there are no worries because you can de-cock the Airbow without firing. The Airbow also includes a safety lever inside the trigger guard and a two-stage trigger system.

The Airbow has a 3,000-psi fill tank under the launching tube, mostly covered by the fore-end. There’s a pressure gauge on the front of the air reservoir to help you manage your air supply and with a complete fill, you’ll get 8 to 10 full-velocity shots before you’ll need to top off the tank.

Because packing efficiency will be necessary during the apocalypse, the Airbow has a built-in quiver. The rail-attached carrier securely holds three arrows on the right side of the Airbow and if you’re left-handed, you can mount it on the opposite side. Oh, and while we’re talking about arrows, the three included ones come with field tips but you can install whatever type of heads best fit your intended use.