XS Sights Remington 870 Mag Extension Kit

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I’ve often said I’m one of the last extant gun writers who still loves the pump shotgun for defensive use. As a retired cop of a certain age, I can field-strip and reassemble the popular street sweeper blindfolded under remembered threat of “pushing on the earth.”

If you have a standard 870 you wish to make tacti-cool, you’ll definitely want to add a magazine extension tube. However, there is one problem: little dimples — officially known as “detents” — inside the magazine tube. There are several field-expedient methods of removal but none inspire confidence. Now, with the XS Sights 870 mag kit, you not only get a top-quality magazine extension and spring, but you get a swage tool that easily removes the detents with no danger of gun damage if used as directed.

The mag extension is hard-coat 6061 aluminum and comes with a Wolff extended spring. The tube fits most mag clamps and, as a nice touch, offers wrench flats on the end for final snug-down. Push your mag tube pimples down using the included swage tool, install the kit and you’re ready to join at least one old-school editor in repelling boarders!

MSRP: Around $80

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