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The Jedi Knights Of The Class 3 World
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Once you’ve run your favorite black rifle with a suppressor in place you’ll never go back.
The Silencer Central Banish 30 enhances control, drastically cuts the noise and makes you a
much more neighborly shooter.

Did you ever see something that just knocked your socks off? I felt that way when first I encountered the woman who would ultimately become my wife. Meeting each of my kids left me similarly humbled. On a smaller scale, I recall being awestruck when I initially saw a smart phone in action. In each case on a visceral level, I knew I was in the presence of something extraordinary. I got just a little bit of this when I met Brandon Maddox.

Brandon is the human dynamo behind Silencer Central. Forget Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Nicola Tesla and Henry Ford. Brandon Maddox is a freaking genius and Silencer Central is his masterwork.

What’s the most intimidating aspect of suppressor ownership? The $200 transfer tax is indeed onerous. However, profligate government spending and concomitant inflation have synergistically combined to make it much more palatable than was the case back in 1934 when these repugnant laws were birthed.

Submitting all that information to Uncle Sam can indeed seem unsettling. Fret not — if you own a cell phone the U.S. government knows everything it wants to know about you already. The biggest impediment to taking that first dive into the Class 3 world has always simply been the process.

The forms are confusing and you’ve got to be fingerprinted. The waits are interminable, and you typically have to interact with a bunch of hairy, armed guys at a local gun shop. It can seem pretty intimidating. Brandon appreciated that and engineered a solution.


The Silencer Central Banish 30 comes set up for .30-caliber platforms
like this .308 Kel-Tec RFB. The Banish 30 is shown here in its shorter,
more compact configuration.

Selling Cans Is A Lot Like Selling Drugs

Brandon is a pharmacist by trade. Oh, he’s a gun nerd like the rest of us, but pushing drugs was his game. One day he realized the labyrinthine rules governing the sale of prescription drugs across state lines via mail order pharmacies were strikingly similar to the regulations governing the sale of sound suppressors. The details were driven and defined by individual states. This realization got the wheels turning.

Individual state laws regulate prescription drug sales. Individual pharmacists are licensed by their respective state pharmacy boards. The way you buy prescription drugs over the Internet is the drug companies maintain a licensed pharmacist in each state. You order medication from a central supplier and it is transferred through a pharmacist in your particular state of residence. Brandon does the same thing for sound suppressors.

Sound suppressors are legal in 42 of the 50 states. The other eight — California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island — are, as one might expect, crime-free utopias where everybody loves everybody and unicorns roam freely, pooping out gold nuggets every time the sun rises. I’m kidding, the cities in these draconian states are typically violent anarchistic so bad, I’d move.

Anyway, Brandon established a licensed Class 3 business entity in each of the 42 states allowing suppressor ownership. Once the transfer process is complete, the can is shipped through the specific dealer in your state. You can actually buy a legally registered sound suppressor without leaving your home. How cool is that?


In its short configuration, the Banish 30 offers maximum maneuverability
while still excising most of the chaos from your favorite black rifle.

The Silencer Central Devour insulated suppressor cover protects
your sensitive digits and minimizes heat shimmer.


Brandon and his crew work closely with the BATF to optimize the process and ensure their system interfaces perfectly with the agency. Every piece of this thing has been vetted by the BATF. Whenever there are changes to the system, Silencer Central is neck deep in the details.

The subject matter experts at Silencer Central can help you pick out the suppressor you want over the phone. They are friendly, engaging, helpful and American. You can do the whole thing online without talking to anybody as well.

Silencer Central produces its own extensive line of top-flight in-house sound suppressors. They offer a robust selection of other folks’ cans, too. Once you settle on a specific suppressor, you fill out a BATF Form 4. This is the transfer document governing movement of the suppressor from the dealer to the individual.

The Form 4 is complicated and has to be submitted in duplicate. Silencer Central excises all the pain out of this process. It starts with an email posing a handful of questions. Their system then produces the Form 4 automatically. Silencer Central will also create an associated gun trust for free. This way you can share your suppressor among more than one legal user. They will also let you register your new can to a corporation or as an individual should you prefer. Next you and your fellow trustees need to be fingerprinted.

This used to involve going up to the local jail and being fingerprinted alongside the actual criminals. No kidding, I’ve done it scads of times. You’re typically escorted back into the prisoner processing facility and printed on the same equipment used for all the murderers, rapists and vaccine protesters.

Silencer Central shows you how to do this at home. There’s an instructional video walking you through the process.

You then pay up and set the process in motion with the BATF. Silencer Central even has an interest-free payment plan whereby you can pay 25% up front and then pay off the rest incrementally while you wait. Once the form comes back approved, Silencer Central ships your spanking new can straight to your doorstep.


The Silencer Central Banish 30 (above) is right at home on your bolt-action
precision rifle or deer gun. It is shown here with the tube extension in place.

The Banish 30

The Banish 30 is a hard use multi-caliber sound suppressor made in-house by Silencer Central. The quality and engineering compare with the most refined cans on the market. The Banish 30 will accommodate anything from .17 HMR up to .300 Win Mag. It is also a modular design that can be configured to be either 7″ or 9″ long.

Construction is predominantly titanium alloy. The can weighs 10 oz. in its short configuration and 13 oz. with its included tube extension. The 9″ version holds eight baffles, while the shorter setup packs six. The longer geometry increases internal volume and subsequent effectiveness. The can is finished in Gun Kote and Tribodone 41 DLC.

The Banish 30 comes with a 5/8×24 standard mount suitable for .30-caliber applications. An adapter threads into this mount and fits the can to a 1/2×28 muzzle so you can use it on your favorite .223 AR or rimfire gun. The Banish 30 is both elegant and rugged and is rated for limited full auto applications. It also works like a champ, effectively reducing the recoil and report of my test guns as well as any other high-end suppressor on the market.

The Banish 30 comes apart from either end and Silencer Central offers a dedicated tool for when the can gets grungy. Each suppressor comes with a disassembly tool and wrench. Silencer Central designed this device to serve a lifetime, and it shows.

Sound suppressors get hot. Silencer Central also offers a strap-on insulated suppressor cover to help you keep from burning your skin off or occluding your optics with heat shimmer. The Silencer Central warranty reads, “If your BANISH™ Suppressor doesn’t significantly reduce the report of your firearm, as well as recoil, we’ll buy it back within 30 days — no questions asked!” That’s honestly about as good as it gets. 


This adapter threads into the standard .30-caliber mount to let
you use the can on .223 and .22LR weapons.

The Silencer Central Banish 30 can be set up in two different configurations.
The contraption at the top of the Banish 30 is designed to remove the baffles safely once they get gunky.

The Silencer Central Banish 30 is a state-of-the-art multi-caliber
rifle suppressor that can be configured in both long and short modes.


This is a big deal. Brandon told me they sold 70,000 suppressors last year. These guys are legit wizards. Brandon had a great idea and quite literally changed our little world. Like many fabulously successful people, he is also strikingly humble and a genuinely nice guy.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a silencer but were intimidated by the process, surf on over to and check them out. When you’re ready to get started, give them a shout. You’ll end up with both a can and a new friend. I just can’t say enough good stuff about these people.

The last Form 4 I submitted is currently at nine months and still pending. A guy could die of old age before these things get processed. However, as I type these words the BATF is launching a new automated online Form 4 system projected to cut processing times to 60 days or less. It’s not quite like dropping by the local minimart for a Big Gulp and some pork rinds, but it is the next best thing. Silencer Central indeed makes buying sound suppressors convenient, easy and fun.

MSRP: $979

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