SIG Romeo2 Red Dot Sight

The Top of the Tactical Heap
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Fully shrouded, the SIG ROMEO2 is battlefield tough. When fitted
with an optional riser mount, this is the ideal close-range sighting
solution for rifles, SMGs and full-framed.

Let there be truth between us. You really can’t eat at the cool kids’ table at the local range if you don’t have something electronic and sparkly mounted atop your favorite combat handgun. The quality of today’s offerings ranges from NASA-grade to crap, with everything in between. If you’re on a serious budget, and Lord knows I’ve been there, you can get into a cheap red dot optic for a c-note or so. However, on the other end of the spectrum you will find the SIG ROMEO2.

Durability, reliability and flexibility drive the train in modern combat gear. Lots of stuff nails one or two out of three. The SIG ROMEO2, though undeniably spendy, hits the trifecta.


When armored up with the polycarbonate guard and full
steel shroud then slapped onto an optional riser mount, it
will run perfectly on your favorite black rifle.

When armored up with the polycarbonate guard (above, left) and full steel shroud then slapped onto an optional riser mount, it will run perfectly on your favorite black rifle. The SIG ROMEO2 (above, right) is the perfect fit for a modern combat handgun. It mounts directly onto SIG pistols with a pro slide cut without an adaptor and fits directly onto this Shadow Systems pistol.

Strong Like A Bull

For starters, everything about the ROMEO2 is designed to be thrown out of airplanes and dragged through swamps. SIG makes both the standard-issue infantry rifle and combat pistol used by the U.S. Army. They know a thing or three about making gear soldier-proof. However, in the case of the ROMEO2, they also offer three different user-configurable modes of operation.

The basic sight is a typical high-end pistol-mounted red dot. The sight will fit any SIG handgun with a standard pro slide cut without an adaptor. You can change the battery without tools and without dismounting the sight from the gun. The MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination System) turns the sight on automatically when it’s moved. The sight takes a nap when it sits still. However, there’s so much more to it than that.

SIG offers special holsters featuring what they call MAGNETAC (Magnetic Activation). In this case the holster includes a magnet that keeps the sight turned off until it is drawn. This maximizes battery life. The sight is IXP 7 waterproof and NVG-compatible. It will also run for 25,000 hours straight on medium settings on a standard CR2023 battery. The sight can be ordered with a 3-MOA dot, a 6-MOA dot, or a circle dot dual reticle.

The neatest thing about the ROMEO2 is you can mount up a polycarbonate rear window along with one of two included steel shrouds. While this increases weight and bulk, it also makes a tough sight all the tougher. The ROMEO2 will run in any configuration on any weapon, However, it seems intuitive to use the raw sight on a handgun and the same unit shrouded up on a rifle or SMG.


The SIG ROMEO2 comes with everything you need to set the sight up in three different configurations. The riser mount is sold separately.


The ROMEO2 is the most versatile micro red dot sight I have ever seen. The MSRP was originally $909.99, though the SIG website at the time of this writing had them marked down to $709.99. That’s a heck of a lot of money. However, that’s also a heck of a lot of sight. Designed, produced and marketed by what is arguably the most successful tactical firearms manufacturer in America, the ROMEO2 is indeed the top of the tactical heap.

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