Nighthawk Custom 1911 Mags


The finest 1911 handgun in the world is simply a fishing weight without excellent magazines. I’m always amazed at how many shooters spend thousands on a custom gun, then dig into the junk box of mags at a gun show to buy magazines to use in it. Really?

Nighthawk Custom is world-renowned for impeccably made custom 1911 pistols and sends them out with the best magazines they can find — all made in America — to their specifications. News flash: If you use good quality ammo in good quality guns with good quality magazines, a funny thing happens — the gun works. It’s honestly as simple as that. If you’re carrying for personal protection, why on earth would you not spend the $30 or $40 to assure your gun is in top form? NHC’s lineup of magazines accommodates Officers and full-sized 1911s and are available in several design options. Just do it.

MSRP: From $29.99

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