Freedom Arms Spare Cylinder

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I recently sent my Freedom Arms Model 97 revolver in .45 Colt back to Freedom to be fitted with a .45 ACP cylinder. The result effectively doubles the handiness of this already handy revolver. Now, not only can I still shoot heavy .45 Colt loads if I need or want to, but can plink and enjoy the versatility of .45 ACP loads too. I immediately loaded some full hard cast wadcutters in .45 ACP cases and went to work. They were accurate and obviously effective. You can’t run them in an auto so it starts to paint a picture of just how flexible this idea is.

With every load I ran through it, the Model 97 combined with the .45 ACP cylinder rocked. Freedom offers second cylinders for a variety of calibers so if you own a Freedom Arms revolver, this is a great way to spice things up. It’s like adding a new gun to the fun!

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