Load Up

Question: “You need a license to drive, don’t you?”

Answer: “Driving is a privilege, not a right listed anywhere in the Constitution. And besides, requiring driver’s licenses hasn’t stopped drunkards from driving without a license and killing somebody in an accident, has it?”

And when they say, “But we put those people in prison,” you energetically reply, “Damn right we do, but we don’t blame each other for what they did, do we?”

Statement: “We have a right to protest.”

Response: “We sure do, it says so in the First Amendment. I might even protest along with you. What are we protesting? But, you know, we don’t have a right to destroy property, steal beer, clothing or tennis shoes. We have no right to set fire to someone’s business or their car, or throw bricks at police officers. Those things are crimes, and you can count me out.”

You’ve just put yourself on equal footing with the other guy, and he didn’t even realize it. Before you know it, you might have him saying, “Hell, NO, they’re not taking our guns!”