Magpump AR15 Pro Magazine Loader

Thumb saving equation: Easy loading = more shooting

Will says this young stud recently back from a combat deployment in Syria agreed the
Magpump AR15 Pro magazine loader beats human thumbs by any conceivable metric.

I love to shoot, but I hate loading magazines. At the end of a long day turning ammo into noise, my thumbs are sore and coated with greasy carbon fouling. Fortunately, the new Magpump AR15 Pro magazine loader does all the tough stuff for you.

MagPump’s AR15 loaders come in three grades based upon the composition of their chassis and actuating handles. The Pro has a billet aluminum handle and polymer body. They all come with a bolt-on bench mount but will run fine just sitting on a tabletop. They even mount to a Picatinny rail but I cannot fathom any imaginable circumstance under which you might wish to do it.

The Magpump AR15 Pro will painlessly load any standard AR15 magazine and sports
an advanced polymer chassis and billet aluminum actuating-handle.

Drop your cartridges into the generous 90-round hopper oriented in either direction. They cannot be jumbled but the MagPump doesn’t care which direction they point. Stuff any AR15 magazine in the side and pump the handle. Each cycle loads a round and the machine shuts itself off when the mag is full. Round 30 loads just as easily as round one. The machine worked with every brand magazine I could find, from Vietnam-era Colt 20-rounders to Information Age Magpul 40s.

Gravity pulls the rounds down bullet-first, and the machine orients them properly. The hopper dismounts via pushpins, and there’s a thumb-activated magazine release to keep your mags properly situated. I used the indestructible polymer version throughout a massive machinegun shoot without a hitch.

You may love to toil away stuffing rounds in magazines. If pain is your thing, knock yourself out. However, for the rest of us, the Magpump excises all the unpleasantness out of your magazine-loading chores. The MagPump AR15 Pro magazine loader is one exceptionally clever machine.

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