There is nothing like a new knife, hearing protection or replacement grips; all of these things will please a handgunner — and don’t overlook ammunition. If there’s a handloader on your gift list, I can’t think of a more appropriate gift than brand new brass, and Starline ( produces very good brass in a wide range of calibers. I’ve got hundreds of rounds of .41 Magnum rounds loaded in Starline cases.

And if you want to splurge on a reloading press, I never knew anyone who would be disappointed with a Dillon press (

The holidays are a time to share memories, too. Even with shutdowns, you can still send a card or make a phone call — or do both — to close the spaces between you and your shooting and hunting buddies. If somebody let you hunt on their land, send them something to show appreciation. Don’t forget to call them in the days leading up to Christmas to see how they’re doing, or if they need anything. If they’ve got small children, play Santa and send them something.