Bear Edge offers two new Ultra-Lightweight Frame Lock Knife models


No self-respecting gun owner, and particularly no legally-armed private citizen who carries a defensive sidearm, is ever far from a good pocket knife.

They are handy tools, sometimes necessary, frequently useful for all sorts of different little tasks and when you need it, you need it now!

Into this conversation comes Bear Edge Knives, a brand of Bear & Son Cutlery down in Jacksonville, Ala. This company has introduced a new knife—the Ultra-Lightweight Frame Lock—and it is available in two different versions: the 71526 and 71527. They are frame-lock knives featuring assisted opening, so it is fair to consider both versions to be virtually indispensable for common, everyday chores.

It’s virtually guaranteed that you’re going to be impressed with a look at the specs. The 526 version has a 2 ½-inch blade while the slightly larger 527 model has a 3 ¼-inch blade. Both spear point blade models are made from 440 high carbon stainless steel, so they will hold an edge and resist rust. They are also easy to hone up for a sharp edge.

Handles on both models are made from aluminum. The shorter model opens to a 6-inch length while the longer-blade version opens to 7 ½ inches. Closed, they measure 3 ¼- and 4 inches, respectively.

Both models feature a very narrow (some call it “minimalist”) scale of textured G10 that contrasts handsomely with the otherwise stainless steel or aluminum material. I had a close-up look at an image of the new knife and the texture appears to be no-slip or at worst minimum slip, presumably depending upon whether your hand is wet or dry.

As for weight, the shorter model hits the scale at a featherweight 0.8 ounces, while the larger knife weighs a scant 1.2 ounces, according to Bear Edge.

There is no pocket clip, but there is a folding carabiner at the butt end on each version that can be attached to a belt loop, cord on a backpack or some other handy spot.

Opening the knife is a snap. The blade has ambidextrous thumb studs, and once opened, the blade locks in place thanks to the stainless steel frame locking mechanism. It opens in a smooth motion.

Purchased in either version, the Bear Edge Ultra-Lightweight folding knife is a gem, and because of its weight, it can literally go anywhere and remain unnoticed until it is needed.

The new Bear & Son Ultra-Lightweights carry an MSRP of $19.99 to $22.49.

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