Spare Ammo

One supposed negative point of the shotgun is its low ammunition capacity. The standard Remington 870 has a magazine capacity of four rounds and the standard Mossberg 500 carries five in the tube. I say “supposed negative point” because unless you’re up holding back an invading Mongolian hoard, there are very few problems four or five rounds of defensive 12 gauge can’t take care of — assuming the shooter does his part.
It’s common to see magazine extensions offering one to four extra shells. As seen here, I have a TacStar carbon fiber shotgun magazine extension on my 870, bringing it up to a seven-round magazine capacity. It only adds 8 oz. yet is very strong.

I prefer a receiver-mounted extra shell carrier over a butt cuff. With a butt cuff you either have to reach over the top of the gun, obstructing your view of a possible problem downrange, or under the gun that usually results in altering your firing grip. A receiver-mounted carrier alleviates both problems and places the shell nearer to the loading port.

I can recommend both the TacStar original SideSaddle or the Mesa Tactical SureShell carrier. I have tried other brands but have found the shell receptacles so loose the rounds fall out, or so tight they are extremely hard to pull a shell free.