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There are five things in this life most important to John Taffin: faith, family, friends, firearms and most assuredly, freedom. The author of eight books and over 2,000 articles has been a fixture in GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner for the past 36 years. His regular columns — “Taffin Tests,” “The Sixgunner,” “Handloading” and “Campfire Tales” — often incorporate the five “Fs” as well as his passion for big bore sixguns, lever action rifles and single-shot rifles and pistols.

Originally from Ohio, John graduated from Kent State University in 1965 and earned a Master’s from the University of Montana in 1971 before settling permanently in Idaho. A destined writer from the start, he was encouraged by an English teacher in high school to write about hunting and the outdoors and hasn’t stopped since.

John is the founder and first chairman of The Shootists and past chairman of the Outstanding American Handgunner Awards Foundation. In addition, he served on the board of the Handgun Hunters Chapter of SCI and is an NRA Life Member
Mr. Taffin is the proud father of three grown children, grandfather of 14, husband to beloved “Diamond” Dot and lifelong dog lover. His genial personality is sincere, “At my age I am truly blessed with great family and friends and to still be able to see and shoot.” (There are those all-important Fs again …)

Over his storied career with FMG, John reflects, “In all the years at FMG I have never been ordered to do anything. We have true freedom of expression. The editors never censor us!”

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