2 thoughts on “Behind The Byline

  1. John Guse

    I would like to applaud Jeff “Tank” Hoover on his article “Caution: I break for Turtles”, if all of us can do something kind for animals and be that way to a stranger just think of what a better world this would be! At least a few of us doing this every gives all a glimmer of hope. Way to be…

  2. Frank Tobias III

    I know several of your writers are handloaders. Years ago, a friend and I loaded the 30-06 with 165 gr boattail bullets and we had a great, accurate load. Don’t ask me for the recipe ’cause I don’t remember it. The Navy transferred me (several times) so I lost the friend and the generous use of his loading gear. More deployments and life kept me from getting my own reloading gear but now I’m in better shape and want to reload again. Truth be known, I need something more to do since I lost my wood working shop when we moved back to Texas. I’m a senior and rather than buy several reloading manuals, I have to ask your reloaders, do you have a pet load for the 30-06, .270, and 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser that I can try. I am going to buy a manual but I have no idea which would be better and I’m trying to avoid confusion from different recipes from different manuals.


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