The Hurricane’s Wake

For another article, I’ve been doing some research on the unconstitutional, illegal and immoral gun confiscations in and around New Orleans. One amusing point is during court proceedings on the NRA’s lawsuit, attorneys for the City of New Orleans and surrounding county areas made it clear for the record they did not admit any such gun confiscations actually took place, but — they agreed to return the seized firearms. Apparently, they learned this from the Clinton School of Legal Jabberwocky: “We swear we didn’t do it, but if you prove we did, we’ll fix it, but we still didn’t do it, OK?”

And another question that begs asking: While N’Arlins authorities were out hammering on the doors of lawabiding citizens and seizing their legally-possessed guns — their only means of self-defense in the hurricane’s wake — where were our champions of civil rights, our watchdogs of freedom, the ACLU? Not a peep from ’em I could find. Can you imagine what they woulda done if the same authorities were seizing peoples’ newspapers or TVs? Of course, a rolled-up newspaper makes a dandy weapon for facing down armed and murderous looters, or you could barricade your door with your big-screen HDTV, so maybe they took that into account.

Oh, that’s right — the ACLU was too busy at the time protesting Marines bowing their heads in prayer during the Corps’ November 10th birthday celebrations — on federal property, on government
time! — and lobbying to have all crosses removed from publiclyowned lands. Let’s take those praying Marines first, shall we?