A Magnum Choice

From my perspective in this stage of my life if I could have only one centerfire rifle, it would be a .357 Magnum levergun, with my first choice being the Marlin 1894. I purchased my first when they first came out and our family has added three more since then. The last one, a brand-new Remington/Marlin, came from my local gun shop a couple months back.

It is a good solid gun but I made a few personal changes. The action was not as smooth as I would like and the trigger pull was much too heavy at 8-1/2 lbs. I had Milt Morrison slick up the action and take the trigger back to 3-1/2 lbs. I also wanted a better finish than the plain stained buttstock and forearm so I had Milt put a real finish on the wood. Now this rifle is ready for use by several generations of our family.

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