Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert

Expect A Boom, Get A Pop

A CQB bolt action?! Tag along as Nic Lenze explores a different use for the Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert in .308.


The Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert is a bullpup precision rifle. It has a 16-inch barrel and an overall length of 27 inches with no length of pull shims. This one is chambered in .308 Win, but it’s capable of switching between a few calibers, including 6.5 Creedmoor and .300 Win Mag. The magazines hold six rounds of .308. This thing is so small that when I picked it up, the gun store thought that I needed a tax stamp.


We all know that the Desert Tech SRS is more than capable at long distances, so I wanted to change it up. I was inspired by the Christensen Arms MPP and other small precision guns. I like the idea of a handy bolt-action for medium distances. The SRS Covert is built with the urban sniper role in mind. To me, that means we don’t need an optic with a lot of magnification. So, I opted for zero magnification! I installed my EOTech XPS3-2 and did some running around with Bronson, my cameraman and auto mechanic.


If you like shooting precision rifles and want to try something different, this could be the rifle for you.

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