The Stock

The Roughtech rifle is part of the lineup among the T3x base-model. The Lite rifle has a synthetic stock with an angled, low-grip design. A rough surface texture throughout the stock and fore-end earmarks the Roughtech rifle and the surface treatment allows a hunter to keep a firm grip on the rifle regardless of conditions.

Tikka attains that light weight using a modular, synthetic stock. With aftermarket options available, the T3x can be adapted to fit your needs and a shooter can change between a traditional and a pistol-style grip or even opt for a wider fore-end.

I like the sturdy feel of this rifle compared to other polymer rifles I’ve used. The T3x synthetic stock has a foam insert, giving a more solid feel when you’re handling it. As I stalk through the brush, there’s little noise as twigs and leaves rub against it. When I fire a shot, the rifle feels solid in my hands, and the crosshairs stay on-target quite well.