Heckler & Koch
SP5 Goes Lang

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Following the SP5 and SP5K-PDW, Heckler & Koch has announced the new SP5L.

For better and for worse, 2020 was a memorable year. Among the positives, U.S. gun owners and fans of the legendary HK MP5 finally got a civilian sporting version of the pistol caliber carbine — and not just another clone, an actual Heckler & Koch production gun.

Matching the look and feel of the MP5, the HK SP5 was designed and manufactured to meet the definition of a pistol, featuring the MP5’s renowned roller-delayed blowback operating system and authentic features like a Navy barrel with threaded tri-lug adaptor, paddle magazine release and fluted chamber. Measuring 17.8” long with an 8.86” barrel, the new SP5 was soon followed by the SP5K-PDW, featuring a shorter 5.83” barrel and receiver with an overall length of just 13.8”. But the German arms manufacturer wasn’t done yet.

Filling out the other end of the pistol spectrum, HK has announced another new variant of the SP5 in the SP5L. And just as “K” stands for “kurz,” or short, in German, the “L” designation stands for “lang,” or long.


The SP5L ships with two magazines and a bungee sling in a large soft case.

Despite an almost comical 16.57” Navy barrel, the new Heckler & Koch SP5L remains a designated pistol by import regulations. An otherwise stock SP5, the long model weighs in at a heftier 5.9 lbs. — less than a pound heavier than the standard SP5 — and ships with 30- or 10-round 9mm magazines and bungee sling in a large soft case.

It’s important to note, legally, the SP5L can remain a pistol with the addition of a pistol brace but cannot be outfitted with a traditional rifle stock without also complying with U.S. Code 922(r), requiring swapping select foreign-made components for U.S. made. Modification to barrel length and the addition of a rifle stock, possibly rendering it an SBR, would also require an ATF tax stamp.

For those seeking a competition PCC or simply love the MP5, the HK SP5L is a limited production firearm with an MSRP of $2,949 to match.

For more info: hk-usa.com