For decades, Smith & Wesson’s ubiquitous J-frame revolver has served law enforcement and civilians as a backup gun or primary concealed carry gun. While it at times gets a bad rap for being difficult to shoot and slow to reload, this diminutive 5-round revolver has nonetheless ridden hidden in more pockets than perhaps any other gun. While other firearms manufacturers design and manufacture smaller and smaller guns, the J-frame still reigns supreme in the hearts — and pockets — of many.

While pocket carry has distinct advantages, it isn’t, of course, the only place to carry a J-frame. I’m going to argue that a J-frame carries just as well, if not better, in an inside the waistband holster. Already objections are coming to mind, such as these three: A J-frame is 1) too thick and 2) too short for really good inside the waistband carry. Or, 3) if you’re going to carry inside the waistband, then carry more gun.

These are fair objections but easily mitigated, especially if you carry a J-frame in the right holster. The S&W 340 PD you see here rides in an American Holster Company Invisi-Tuck holster, one of a few holsters that make the inside the waistband carry of a J-frame not just possible but preferred. Let’s see how it addresses the objections, one by one.