The SureFire X400 Ultra LED Weaponlight


SureFIre Light

Anyone who disparages the ownership of a $250K sports car has very likely never driven a $250K sports car. In the many-splendored field of tactical gear, you can get the good stuff or you can just get by. SureFire makes the good stuff.

In addition to lights of various flavors, SureFire also offers hearing protection, high-capacity magazines and sound suppressors. All of the American law enforcement alphabet agencies as well as many of our young studs serving in uniform downrange use SureFire gear. SureFire lights are optimized for the been-there, done-that crowd.

At the very top of the heap of gun-mounted weaponlights resides the X400 Ultra. Weighing a scant 4.9 ounces with its brace of CR123 batteries, the X400 Ultra puts out 600 lumens of dazzling bright light via its Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. It also includes a built-in 5mW green laser. Green and red lasers both have the same power output, but the human eye more easily acquires the green color. This makes the green spot seem brighter. The white light will run for about 105 minutes on a set of batteries. The X400 Ultra is also sufficiently powerful to overwhelm an aggressor’s dark-adapted vision.

An ambidextrous switch on the tail of the unit offers one finger control of both the light and laser in any desired combination. The device is packed into a rugged high-strength aerospace aluminum housing and mounts on either handguns or long guns via its universal Picatinny attachment. The SureFire X400 Ultra isn’t cheap at $595, but it is indeed the apex predator among weapon-mounted light/laser units. I have myself owned lesser lights, but the X400 Ultra is as good as they come.