The first holographic sight I used was from Bushnell, which pioneered this device commercially. It generates an image appearing not against the target, like an ordinary reticle or red dot, but out on the target. Early renditions had grainy reticles but they’re better now and comprise a wide range of shapes and sizes. Holographic sights, like the 11.8-oz. Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 and EOTech’s 9-oz. XPS2-2, weigh about the same as prism sights. There is one major, important distinction — holographic sights have unlimited ER.

My Browning .22 auto pistol wears a Bushnell Holosight. It sits low, the sightline as snug as I get with irons and the “heads-up display” delivers a huge field with a circle-dot reticle.

Shooters with astigmatism, whose irregularly shaped cornea can’t easily focus LED reflection on the cornea may find holographic sights easier to use than other prism and reflex sights. For easy hits near and far, Eotech’s HWS reticle has a 68-MOA ring with a center dot. Their 3x HHS III (“holoraphic hybrid sight”) has 20 brightness settings and weighs 25 oz. A 1x sibling is available with a 3x magnifier you can flip into service or out of the way.