Why Not?

The scarcity of pumps is puzzling to me because a pump-action rifle is faster to operate than a bolt action or lever action and in practiced hands it can be as fast as a semi-automatic.

Operating a pump — or slide-action as often said — is almost intuitive and ambidextrous. The mystery of unpopularity is further compounded when you realize the movement required to cycle the action on a pump is so small compared to a bolt-action or lever-action — for my .22 Magnum, it’s 1.25".
The action doesn’t have a lot of parts so it’s less expensive to manufacture and easier to maintain than lever.

Pump shotguns continue their popularity but I wonder what happened to the pump rifle? A Winchester hammerless pump rifle, its appearance and action much like the Model 1300 shotgun, would be a fine .22 small-game rifle for a kid or adult.

Pump-action rifles are just not in demand these days or we’d have more of them. I think it’s a shame.