Optical Dynamics OD40 Illuminator

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I’ve reviewed dozens of lighting devices over the years but I’m finally going to make a surprising declaration: The OD40 is unlike any flashlight I’ve ever seen.

Switch on the ultra-heavy LED light and you’ll see a miniature version of a stage spotlight. There is no center beam or halo of scatter outside the primary focus — instead, you’ll see a sharp, uniform circle of white light designed to illuminate objects several hundred yards away. The OD40 beam is so unlike any other handheld flashlights, it’s almost hard to describe without seeing it in person.

Designed primarily as a varmint light, the kit comes with a scope-mount bracket, remote tail switch and red/green filters in a fitted case. The light doesn’t work well as a general-purpose flashlight as there is utter darkness immediately outside the circle, but if you need long-throw light, the OD40 is head and shoulders above all else.
MSRP: $149.99


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