Grace USA Tools

Still Going Strong

It's been proven time and time again: I’m no gunsmith.

In fact, I’ve probably hammered and punched and disassembled too many guns and gun sub-parts without any real knowledge of what I’m doing. I’m not talking about field stripping here. That I can do. Dropping in replacement parts, changing grip panels, adjusting sights? I get a solid B+. Detail stripping, depending on the gun, can be a whole ‘nother matter. Repairs and alterations are pretty much out of my league. How do I know this? How else? Trial and error.

Still, for even basic tasks, good tools are indispensable. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to several good tools on my gun bench. I’ve been using these for years for gun and gear work. And they all still work as good as new.

Up first is this Grace USA Gun Care Tool Set, a 17-piece set consisting of brass punches, a brass hammer, and several flathead screwdrivers, all contained in a handy zipped case.

The screwdrivers enjoy constant use. You might think a screwdriver is a screwdriver is a screwdriver but the Grace USA screwdrivers feature a custom hollow ground blade to fit the various screws found on many guns and scopes. The handles are Maine hardwood and easy to keep hold of, even if your hands are greasy. Every part of the screwdrivers is made in the USA and warrantied for life.

Also in the case is superb brass hammer. Weighing eight ounces with a hickory handle and a hand-turned brass head that won’t spark or mar steel, the Grace USA hammer is in and of itself a work of art that’ll easily and safely handle basic gun care tasks.

You can use the hammer to strike the Grace USA brass punches to push out pins or move small steel pieces in a gun. Made from CDA 360 brass rod, the punches come in sizes from 1/16” to 5/16”.

In addition to the Gun Care Tool Set I also have a set of steel roll spring punches and a steel punch set.

The steel roll spring punches are made from high carbon molbendenum tool steel and feature a ball on the end that fits into the hollow center of the roll pin. When striking the punch, the ball provides greater control and prevents damage to the wall of the hole. Sizes offered: 1/16” to 7/32” and they’re all made in the USA, as expected.

The steel punch set is similar to the roll spring punches but meant for more general work. Tough as nails but finely crafted for detailed work, I find them eminently useful.

Grace USA Tools are available at various dealers. Check their website for more information.