Tweaked For The Field

There are some notable improvements (other than price) in the SX4. One invaluable feature carried over from the SX3 is a chrome-lined chamber and barrel. As a hunter who fights weather, I find chrome plating to be a blessing. Another protective and self-lubricating coating, nickel Teflon, is applied to the SX4 bolt, carrier and bolt release.

Speaking of hunting, the SX4 addresses the glove issue head-on with a greatly enlarged and squared off bolt handle, reversible safety and bolt release button. Even the triggerguard — which is now a composite — is radically enlarged and part of an easily removable trigger group.

The SX4 buttstock has been reshaped with a more rounded and open pistol grip (which feels nice) and is finished with an enlarged “Inflex” recoil pad which actually does work to move the comb down and away from your cheek, again helping to diminish felt recoil. Two 1/4" LOP spacers are supplied as standard fare, as are IC, M and F Invector-Plus choke tubes.

Winchester claims their SX4 is the fastest cycling, semi-auto available. Adding to the speed of the SX4 action is a new spring-loaded ejector mounted in the barrel sleeve that ejects the case immediately once the mouth of the case has cleared the chamber.