Attention To Detail

I was glad to see so much attention was paid to the bolt carrier group. It’s made from the correct Carpenter 158 Steel and has undergone a high pressure test and magnetic particle inspection. I disassembled the bolt and sure enough, it uses the appropriate black (carbine) extractor buffer instead of the blue (rifle) buffer found in some manufacturers’ guns. Perhaps a small detail, but still appreciated.

The adjustable premium Trinity Force Breach Brace meets ATF requirements for pistol classification. While it is indeed adjustable, it requires loosening two bolts to slide to adjust it. The brace comes adjusted flush with the lower receiver extension. A slot in the brace allows a sling to be attached.

The BCMGUNFIGHTER PCMR forward handstop is a great idea as the support hand gets very close to the muzzle of the short pistol barrel. The forend has three MLOK slots for lights or lasers and the muzzle device is an A2-type flash hider.

In addition to being marked with the usual “Safe” and “Fire” verbiage, pictograph symbols are used at the selector for the literacy challenged.
No sights are included with the pistol. It comes with one 30-round Magpul Gen M3 PMAG, a soft, zipper closure AR-15 pistol case with two exterior pockets and a cable padlock.

I installed an Aimpoint Micro-T2 red dot sight, gathered some Black Hills Ammunition 62-gr. Barnes TSX 5.56mm rounds for accuracy tests and 300 rounds of reloads in order to fully wring out the SAINT Pistol.