A Whole Lotta Thump

Hornady’s bulletsmiths designed a 250-gr. FTX specifically for the .450 Bushmaster. It’s a polymer-tipped spitzer made without a cannelure. Loaded in their “Black” line with a velocity of 2,200 fps, Hornady considers the FTX loading to represent the perfect blend of accuracy and terminal performance.

The “Black” loading is also the most common ammunition you will find at the store. My test was based on it, and it did deliver an average velocity of 2,202 fps from the 18.6" barrel of the Ruger AR. I consider it remarkable when the velocity of a factory load is claimed to be 2,200 fps and my chronographed results for 10 shots clock out at 2,202 fps. That’s truth in advertising!

Interestingly, the ballistic chart Hornady prints on their box indicates a 200-yard zero, placing the bullet +4.1 high at 100 and -19.3" low at 300. I tweaked those figures a bit using Hornady’s own ballistic calculator. I chose a 175-yard zero which places the bullet +3.2 high at 100, +1.8 high at 150, -2.6 low at 200 and -10.9" low at 250. To me, this is a more realistic hunting zero.