And Then…

Then along came my son, and his own little home project: Assembling an AR15 modern sporting rifle. It’s got a well-built Smith & Wesson lower, a marvelous barrel and upper from, well, I’m not certain but the finished product is dead-bang accurate. This is all good but it produces a lot of empty brass and guess where it led?

Well, my good friends at Lyman have come up with a handy little book titled AR Reloading Handbook 2nd Edition and it is quite possibly the solution to my dilemma. Guess what my son is getting for Christmas.

This 112-page second edition is simply superb; just the thing for anyone who owns an AR in any popular caliber from .223 Remington all the way up to .450 Bushmaster — even .50 Beowulf. There is ample loading data for all popular propellants and projectiles. You will even find data for cast bullets and sub-sonic loads.

I missed the first edition, but this second version more than makes up for it.