Small things make a difference. I borrowed handstops and slings from fellow shooters and am still determining what works best for me. Palma allows competitors to use a hook to secure the sling to their shooting coat. A separate coat allows you to keep your sling ready to go. A local leathersmith cut my coat’s collar so it didn’t ride against my neck when I lay down and added a buckle to keep my shoulder pad from bunching. These seemingly minor changes help ensure you place the rifle in the same spot every time.

Your mat also makes a huge difference. I am a smaller-framed person. The thin, rollable mat I use for High Power began to bunch up underneath me as I fired, altering my position. I quickly learned a sturdier, thicker folding mat works much better. Currently, I use the Creedmoor quad fold shooting mat. It has a waterproof vinyl bottom, a double layer of foam for extra support under the elbows and doesn’t move when I shoot! Even changing your mat makes a difference in position and the buttplate location — take nothing for granted.