Holiday Gift Guide: No Guns, No Ammo, No Problem

Gifts You Can Actually Buy

The holidays are only a couple weeks away, which means time is running out to get gifts for the gunslinger, range goer or hunter in your family/friend circle. But if gift-giving wasn’t hard enough already, unprecedented demand for firearms and ammunition this year has made it nearly impossible to gift your son, dad or best friend the new handgun, rifle or case of 9mm on their wish list.

With guns and ammo off the table, we put together a list of firearm accessories and gear you can actually find online/in-store to buy as gifts this holiday season.

Pictured: SightLines Gel Ear Pads



Safariland Impulse Range Kit

For first-time gun owners, range time is essential to gaining confidence with firearms and building shooting skills. However, before stepping foot on a range, you’ll first need personal protection equipment in the form of ear and eye protection. You could pick up the essentials separately, or you could get Safariland’s all-in-one Impulse Range Kit, including Foam Impulse Hearing Protection, Ultra Compact Earmuffs and HD Flex Protective Eyewear for a safe, quiet and clear range experience. Price: $39.99

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SightLines Gel Ear Pads

Besides running out of ammo, few things can ruin a range session like a headache. While earmuffs can dampen gunfire better than foam plugs, they can also create pressure points on your head. Designed to replace standard earmuff pads on popular headsets, SightLines Gel Ear Pads are made from soft silicone and memory foam to better distribute pressure, mold around eye protection/hats for improved sound reduction and keep you cool to keep you shooting longer. Price: $60 (without adapter plates)

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Pictured: ALPS OutdoorZ Ghost 30



NANUK Protective Cases

With an estimated 17 million guns — a majority of which being handguns — purchased this year thus far, gun owners need a way to not only safely store them, but also transport them to and from the range. A Canadian brand, NANUK offers various size and color protective cases with pre-scored removable foam inserts, perfect for storing a new pistol, an extra magazine and a box of elusive ammo. Waterproof, dustproof and lightweight, the injection-molded cases feature a PowerClaw latching system and carry handle for secure travel. Price: Starts at $59.95

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ALPS OutdoorZ Ghost 30

While you may not be leaving the house as much as you were before the pandemic, ALPS OutdoorZ has a new everyday carry solution for when you need to breathe some fresh air. New for 2021, the Ghost 30 is a nondescript backpack designed for off-body carry of handguns and AR-style pistols. Constructed from lightweight yet durable grey CORDURA fabric with padded shoulder straps, full-access zippers, laptop sleeves and hook-and-loop lined pockets, the Ghost 30 is the new everyday go-to pack for the everyday concealed carrier. Price: $149.99

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Pictured: TALON Snap Cleaning Kit



TALON Snap Cleaning Kit

Gun cleaning isn’t sexy or exciting, but it is a necessary chore to keep our firearms operating at peak performance, especially if relied upon for home or self-defense. If you’ve ever griped about the grime in your gun, TALON Grips has a solution to make gun cleaning a snap — literally. Using a Patented Quick Click System, the SNAP Cleaning Kit is the quickest and easiest way of cleaning handguns, featuring color-coded brushes and jags for common pistol calibers (9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP) that snap into a cleaning rod with rotating handle. Price: $34.99

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Real Avid AMP

No matter how much we clean them, guns are built from moving parts and moving parts can loosen or break over time. Guns also have the innate ability to feed our inner tinkerer, begging us to personalize them with aftermarket parts and accessories. Designed for at-home and on-the-go maintenance of AR15s, 1911s and other semi-auto pistols, the Real Avid AMP is a gun-specific multi-tool fit with punches, scrapers, wrenches, bit drivers with common bits, knives and more, all in a compact package made for belt carry or range bag storage. Price: $69.99

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Pictured: PHLster Enigma



1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom

A process of trial and error, if you have a box or drawer full of holsters, you’re not alone. Rather than investing in a holster specific to each gun, 1791 Gunleather has developed the Ultra Custom concealment holster. A one-holster-solution for revolvers and handguns of various brands and frame sizes, the Ultra Custom combines Memory-Lok technology with cowhide leather to allow for a customizable fit with Kydex-like retention with the comfort of leather. Simply heat, fit and carry. Price: $99.99

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PHLster Enigma

When you first start carrying, many will often advise changing what you wear to accommodate your concealed handgun. PHLster has a different approach. Neither a belt nor a belly band, the Enigma is the world’s first concealment chassis. Composed of a winged faceplate, adjustable belt and leg garter, the Enigma pairs with a compatible holster to allow for comfortable and adjustable appendix carry. Rather than “dress to carry,” simply put on the Enigma and then get dressed. Price: $84.99 (without holster)

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Pictured: Shield Sightd RMS2



Shield Sights RMS2

Perhaps the biggest trend in handguns since the polymer frame, it seems everyone is shooting with red dots — and for good reason. With more optic-ready handguns on the market, shooters of all disciplines are taking advantage of quicker target acquisition compared to traditional irons. New from Shield Sights, the RMS2 features a stronger aluminum housing and improved battery contacts for a rugged and reliable carry optic atop any double-stack handgun, available with a 4 or 8 MOA dot. Price: $430

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You can’t hit what you can’t see. And when shooting or hunting at long ranges, spotting your target can be especially difficult without the aid of a spotter. From the makers of shotgun and bow cameras, TACTACAM has brought similar technology to spotting scopes with the Spotter LR. Using a quick attach adapter, the device features a flip-up LCD HD screen and micro SD slot to alleviate eye strain and allow shooters to watch and record every shot or game movement in real-time clarity. Price: $299.99

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Pictured: Benchmade Mini Osborne



Benchmade Mini Osborne

An invaluable tool, a pocketknife can be used for everything from breaking down holiday packaging to self-defense, and unlike firearms, knives are readily available and can be carried (where legal) without a permit. New from Benchmade, the Mini Osborne scales down the iconic blade design into a 6.76” long package featuring a 2.92” CPM-S30V blade and black G10 grips with a blue base layer. The perfect size everyday carry, it’s a knife Warren Osborne himself would be proud to carry. Price: $205

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KA-BAR ‘Za Saw Pizza Cutter

Even if the special someone on your list is not a “knife guy/girl,” chances are they enjoy pizza. After all, who doesn’t love the perfect baked blend of dough, cheese, meats and veggies? Despite being known for their tactical knives, KA-BAR is cutting into a new market with their new ‘Za Saw Pizza Cutter. Featuring an aggressive handle made from glass-reinforced plastic and a 3” 440A stainless steel wheel, it may not improve their pizza-making skills in the kitchen, but at least they’ll look cool doing it! Price: $25.38

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Pictured: Viridian HS1 Laser Hand Stop



Streamlight Microstream USB

Between phones, knives, wallets and other items, trying to fit a flashlight into your pocket can be difficult. Proving smaller is better when it comes to everyday carry, the Streamlight Microstream USB packs 250 lumens into a 3.87” long pocket light weighing just 1.2oz. Add a maximum beam distance of 75 yards with a run time of 3.5 hours and a USB-rechargeable Lithium-Ion Cell Pack and you get a flashlight perfect for any mundane or critical task where more light is needed. Price: About $35

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Viridian HS1 Laser Hand Stop

With the continued popularity of AR-style rifles and pistols, so too has grown the accessory market. However, it took until Viridian Weapon Technologies introduced the new HS1 that a laser was seamlessly integrated into a hand stop. Mounting to the underside of an M-LOK compatible forend, the HS1 acts as both a hand stop and a laser, activated by a pressure switch when gripped. Adjustable for windage and elevation, the green laser has a long battery life and maximum range over 100 yards. Price: $179

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Pictured: Beretta Xtreme Waterfowl Gear



Beretta Xtreme Waterfowl Gear

While you may like to spend weekend mornings in bed, we all know someone who enjoys getting up before the sun to throw down decoys in the cold. Designed for the weekend warrior, Beretta’s Xtreme Waterfowl Gear line is constructed of Kevlar, Gore-Tex and Primaloft materials to create durable, breathable and weatherproof hunting apparel. Featuring new Veil Avayde camo and solid colors, waterfowlers can choose from layers of waterproof and windproof jackets, bibs, pants and winter gear. Price: $59-599.99

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Darn Tough Hunter Boot Socks

Often considered a gag gift, there’s nothing funny about poor quality socks when in the field, woods, mountains or marsh. Ask any seasoned hunter and they’ll tell you the importance of proper footwear. Known for their comfort and durability, Darn Tough Hunter Boot Socks offer hunters all-weather performance with fast-action wicking. Made from antimicrobial and seamless Merino wool that won’t slip or bunch, socks can be had in various lengths, colors and cushion for the perfect fit. Price: $22-30

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Pictured: American Handgunner's Concealed Carry & Home Defense



Concealed Carry & Home Defense

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without a little self-promotion. Our latest Special Edition of 2021, American Handgunner’s Concealed Carry & Home Defense features 132 pages of handgun, holster, ammunition, knife and gear reviews, plus tips on how to carry in the workplace, defensive handgun drills and situational awareness from names you trust. Available as a digital PDF download or print magazine and digital download combo, stay prepared with Concealed Carry & Home Defense. Price: $8.50 (Digital), $12.95 (Print + Digital)

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Dual Subscription

If you’ve gotten this far and still aren’t sure what to gift your favorite gun enthusiast, consider a dual annual subscription to two of the longest-running, most-trusted firearm publications in American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine. For just over a dollar per issue, give the gift of year-round gun and gear reviews, industry news and expert columns from the likes of Massad Ayoob, John Taffin, Will Dabbs, MD and more. A dual subscription includes six (6) bi-monthly issues of American Handgunner and 12 monthly issues of GUNS Magazine. Price: $20.20

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