.454 Casull

Moving on up to .45 caliber, we find two calibers dominate the scene. First was Freedom Arms .454 Casull introduced in the 1980’s. With a case about 1/10" longer than the .44 Magnum, the .454 achieved incredible performance increases due to much higher operating pressures and, being chambered in a new Freedom Arms 5-shot revolver built to much tighter tolerances than previously seen in production revolvers. Reducing the cylinder capacity to five shots provided additional strength and allowed the higher operating pressures while the tight tolerances provided enhanced accuracy.

The .454 captured the fancy of handgun hunters (at least those who could handle the recoil) and Freedom Arms revolvers dominated the upper classes in metallic handgun silhouette shooting. Being a new cartridge, Freedom Arms began manufacturing ammo for their revolvers concentrating on lighter weight jacketed bullets at high velocities. The company’s 260- and 300-grain jacketed rounds were extremely hard designed to totally penetrate the largest animals. Later, both Buffalo Bore and Cor-Bon began making ammo for the .454 and offered even heavier bullets (from 335 to 360 grains) moving at 1,550 and 1425 fps respectively. For those who could control/survive the recoil, the .454 was the new king of hunting handguns.