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Too Much Scope!

Rimfire Optics May Be Better Then They Used To Be, But They’re Bigger Than They Need To Be. But The

S&W’s M&P22 Compact

A .22 LR Heir To The Legendary “Military & Police” Designation, This Slick Little Auto Is State-Of-The-Art. By Holt Bodinson

Opening Shots

Rifleman Mike Shoots And Finds Room In His Battery For More. By Dave Anderson Last month I described my nephew

Affordably Stylish

Ruger’s “American” Goes Rimfire. When you open up a shipping box imprinted with “Made in America” in bold letters and

Game Gettin’ .22

Ruger’s New “Hunter” Mk III. It began with a hand drill and ended in 1949 in receivership. The rotary hand

The Model 1

Smith & Wesson’s Little Rimfire. For the millions of rimfire shooters who burn through billions of .22 rimfire cartridges every