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The Moon Kills

The School Of Light And Darkness. Long ago and far away—a good lead-in phrase for a story too long to

Hidalgo Speaks

Of Cuba Then. Part II If you haven’t read Part 1 in the September issue, go read it now, OK?


Of Cuba Then. Part I. So now we’re told Raul Castro is a cuddly ol’ teddy bear and Coo-bah is

Tactical Tips

Well, Tactical-ish, At Any Rate. I get a lot of questions about “tactical tips and techniques,” some specific and some

Old Beat-Up Stuff

Like You, Me And Uncle Ivan, Some Gear Never Quits. I’ve long been a fan and admirer of plain, old-fashioned,


The Little Things Can Outshine “The Big Picture.” As I write this in December 2014, it is the 70th anniversary


“Off The Beaten Path” Stuff. Lots of readers have asked for tips on what to carry when wandering off the