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A Defining Moment

The Sportsman’S Team Challenge Reaches Its 30-Year Anniversary By Shari LeGate We’ve all had defining moments. On an individual level,

Top Guns Talk

No Matter The Shooting Game, They’re all Growing. By Shari LeGate Sports really are just games. Games played for fun.

Olympic-Class Guns

Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun: What the Top Shooters Shot By Shari LeGate It’s almost one year after the 2016 Rio Olympics

No Shot Too Far

MOA Sponsors The 1,000-Yard Handgun Shoot Mark Hampton The term “long range” can be mighty subjective. Long range may be

Bench Rest

The Extreme Sport By Shari LeGate There’s a distinct difference between knowing about a sport and knowing of a sport

The Scout Spirit

Testing Col. Cooper’s Theories In A Team Competition At Gunsite By Shari LeGate Much has been written about the Scout

Olympic Shooting

The NCAA Helps Fund And Promote Collegiate Athletes Participating In The Shooting Sports. By Shari LeGate Every four years, the

Fantasy Camp

The NSSF’s Shooting Camp Can Raise Your Skill Level To Undreamed-Of Heights. By Shari LeGate We all want to get

High Power

After 100 Years, It’s Still The Acid Test Of A Rifleman’s Skill. By Shari LeGate I’ve always been intrigued by