Historical Facts

Elmer goes on to say he took these brand-new .41 Magnums with him on his polar bear hunt and used the new cartridge on caribou. On his first shot at 100 yards he shot between the base of the horns of a bull caribou causing him to conclude “… the .41 Magnum is a bit flatter in its trajectory than the .44 Magnum I was used to.” I have found the same thing as Elmer in that the .41 Magnum is considerably flatter shooting than the .44 Magnum when shooting both out to 300 yards.

In his book, No Second Place Winner, Bill Jordan shares about the .41 Magnum: “… regarding all the writers who have climbed on the bandwagon and, I am sure, will now make load claims to have been the Pappy or Mammy of this load, I wish to make a statement! I tagged along with Elmer Keith and said ‘amen’ while Elmer cornered the firearms and ammunition people, individually and collectively, at that 1963 NRA members meeting in Washington and got commitments that actually started the ball rolling … So, regardless of who set the actual dimensions and specifications, it was that grand old man of the shooting game who did the work that made this load a reality.”