Tank’s Rigs

My own 375 JDJ rigs are nothing short of spectacular, in a TC-factory sort of way. The hand-cannon consists of an original TC Contender frame with a factory .375 JDJ barrel. I added a Pachmayr forearm and grip with sling swivels. This addition is nice for absorbing felt recoil. I sure wish Pachmayr would bring them back as they are discontinued.

Scope-wise, I have a Bushnell Elite 3200 2-6X scope just like Larry used. I recently had Ken Kelly, Larry’s son, port it for me on my last trip to Mag-na-port. Shooting it for years in original factory form, I finally decided the reduction in recoil with “original” Mag-na-port porting just makes it right.

My carbine has the G2 Contender frame with the 20" Carbine barrel attached to it. I have a Bushnell Banner 3-9X scope mounted on it. It is short, quick pointing and a joy to carry, as a carbine should be.