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Affordably Stylish


Ruger’s “American” Goes Rimfire. When you open up a shipping box imprinted with “Made in America” in bold letters and

Game Gettin’ .22


Ruger’s New “Hunter” Mk III. It began with a hand drill and ended in 1949 in receivership. The rotary hand

The Model 1


Smith & Wesson’s Little Rimfire. For the millions of rimfire shooters who burn through billions of .22 rimfire cartridges every

One Neat Uzi


And It’s  A .22 Long Rifle. One of the most iconic and most recognizable firearms of all times has just

Rimfire Magnum Tack Driver


Magnum Research’s Barracuda .22 WMR. Magnum Research stunned everyone with the introduction of their remarkably innovative, gas-operated Desert Eagle handgun