Best Of — Quartermaster

Diamondhead USA D-45


Diamondhead USA For years, short, light, unmagnified optics—mostly reflexes and red dots—ruled the rails of AR-platform rifles. But now there

CCW Breakaway Pants


I have been checking out two pairs of pants designed specifically for carrying a wide range of handguns in perfect

Red Army Standard Ammo


Our domestic market for commercial centerfire ammunition continues to remain surprisingly bleak, but, thanks to some entrepreneurial outsourcing by Century

The Best ACOG Yet?


I have lots of trigger-time with Trijicon’s ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) optics, and hold ’em in high regard. They’re

Scope Mount Design


Take pity on the poor manufacturers of scope mounts. They try to help shooters attach telescopic sights to rifles. A



Back in the April 2012 issue Hamilton Bowen discussed ways to recreate or create lettering on firearms including electro-etching. One

Carry Time


Three Holsters. We get more versatility out of our handguns if we have a wardrobe of holsters in which to

Bookshelf Additions


Books make excellent Christmas gifts to friends or family and several really interesting ones have come out recently. Let’s take