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One Hand Only


Tips On “Every Day Carry” Knives From A Knife Knut. I mentioned a knife sharpener in last month’s column and

Cheap & Handy


The Right Tools For The Task. One of my household “call names” is Sharpener!—usually sung out like, “Sharrr-penn-errr! Sharpener to

Shrap & Frags


Eyeballs, primers, bugs and lead. I routinely get questions from all kinds of sources. Few are enough to expand into

Roscoe The Reject AR


Maybe he just needs to be adopted and loved? It’s only the first of May, and AR-15 variants—the most sought-after

A Campaign Questionnaire


Talking Points For Pointy-Headed Politicians. National elections are coming, and I have some questions and comments for the candidates. The