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A Border Tale

Sometimes one good man is all it takes… It never fails—not for me, anyway. You make a multi-state move, a

More On Christmas


Or, “A Moron, On Christmas,” Whatever…. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so many Christmases away—like far, far away—from home and

Goops, Soups & Sauces


Chemical Cocktails For Your Cannon. My go-to gunsmith and I recently launched a methodical, documented project to evaluate a wide



Examples: Strange Smells & Ringin’ Bells. Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find my scribbles on personal protection and self-defense products.

One Hand Only


Tips On “Every Day Carry” Knives From A Knife Knut. I mentioned a knife sharpener in last month’s column and

Cheap & Handy


The Right Tools For The Task. One of my household “call names” is Sharpener!—usually sung out like, “Sharrr-penn-errr! Sharpener to

Shrap & Frags


Eyeballs, primers, bugs and lead. I routinely get questions from all kinds of sources. Few are enough to expand into