Zombie Mania

Silly and serious zombie shootin’ gear.

Zombie crazes, mostly books and films, have come and gone before, but nothing like the Zombie mania going on today! The latest wave probably began with the publishing of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks in 2003. Written on the premise of global viral Zombie outbreaks, it’s actually full of sound tips on surviving many kinds of social disorders and natural catastrophes, well-written with dark humor and wry satire. Sales skyrocketed, and new Zombie movies, TV series and more books followed.

Brownells hosts a “Center for Zombie Awareness,” offering an array of Zombie-motif products from engraved AR parts to shotgun magazine extension tubes. Hornady’s “Pandemic 2012—Zombies in the Heartland” 3-gun match has massive manufacturer support and promises to be one of the biggest shooting events of the summer. Dozens of companies offer “Zombified” products.

Where will the madness end? Maybe when the last slouching, moaning, brain-eating Zombie is dead. Or, “dead-er.” Whatever….
To my knowledge, it was Joe Quinlan’s iconic paper Zombie Targets which kicked off the “living dead” craze in the shooting industry, and now he makes even more and better targets, including my favorite, featuring Jingles the Zombie Clown. All of his Zombie Targets have subdued scoring zones consistent with those on most law enforcement training targets, and they’re high-quality, 23″ wide by 35″ tall, printed on 60-pound paper.

Zombie Industries rapidly became a major player in Zombieland, offering a full line of paper and cardboard targets in multiple sizes, “bleeding” and “mutilating” 3-D molded head-and-torso targets—yes, they really bleed non-toxic biodegradable liquid—and even exploding Zombie targets! For club shoots, they also make a mural-sized folding target featuring a mob of the undead, each with a place in their foreheads which holds a skeet/trap clay bird. I’m waiting for moaning, wailing motorized Zombies….
By John Connor

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One thought on “Zombie Mania

  1. regina stinnett

    Dakota held tight to Lyrics hand and said a silent prayer that the men wouldn’t come down the ramp. It was dark below the underpass and he knew they were safe for now. Time seemed to slow down and though it had only been a few minutes it felt like hours, when they finally heard doors slamming and Dakota hoped it meant the men were leaving.
    The music was blaring again as the car backed down the street and went in the opposite direction. After they could no longer hear the motor or the music, Dakota started to lead Lyric back up the ramp when he noticed a small group of undead had gathered just feet from their hiding place. Backing up he saw a large privacy fence surrounding an abandoned looking building. “Come on Sis”, he said pulling her toward the fence. There were a couple of slats missing and looking through to be sure no one was on the other side, he helped Lyric through the fence and handed her the backpacks. Just as he stepped through, hands grabbed his shirt from behind. He had no chance to break free before they pulled him against the fence, causing his own shirt to strangle him. Trying to get his fingers between the fabric and his throat, he could feel his energy leaving. Lyrics screams and gun shots were the last thing he heard as he sank into darkness.

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