Why I Like The AR-15

Mostly It’s The “Mr. Potato Head” Part

I’ve been doing this department for six years. Crazy. Still haven’t run out of things to say, not nearly. I thought this time around I might take a poke at why that is.

My Little Man has developed a very strong interest in the world’s military firearms. About the same I did. And, at about the same time he started to continually ask me, “Dad, what’s the best—what would you want?” Carefully considering that question, I answer, “Well, it would be some form of AR-15…” I stand by that because he keeps mentioning others, I consider them (there are few out there I haven’t pointed at a target), and then reaffirm my answer: some form of AR-15. That, all by itself, is the key to the reason. I also keep telling him also that different ones have different purposes, and that, again, only increases my conviction. (The only drawback, I have to accept I can’t own a .30 mini-gun. Oh well.)

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